Vaughn Scribner, Ph.D.    Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas  

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I believe that an interdisciplinary approach to history is vital, not only for my own research, but also in my ongoing efforts to more fully engage with students and a public audience. Just as fashion was a key marker of status, race, gender, and identity in the early modern world, so too do we still flock to costume for self-fashioning. The following links are a few of my favorite websites (one admittedly self-promoting) devoted to the cultural history of fashion.

"Style for the Ages" (My personal column on the cultural history of fashion and current fashion)

"New York Times Fashion and Style" (NYT's excellent fashion and style section--access to archives)

"Fashioning the Early Modern" (A scholarly site devoted to understanding early modern fashion)

"LVC" (Levi's Vintage Clothing, a site detailing the history of Levi's denim and apparel)