Vaughn Scribner, Ph.D.    Associate Professor, University of Central Arkansas  

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Public Scholarship

I am passionate about reaching a broad audience. Besides publishing a monthly column on the cultural history of men's fashion for the Lawrence Journal World (KS), "Style for the Ages," I also wrote an article on how Lawrence, KS students represented the cultural memory of Quantrill's Raid through a fashion show. New York Times' bestselling author Sarah Vowell linked this article on her personal website. 

In 2015, I published two pieces for the Junto Blog detailing my struggles to comprehend early modern philosophers' search for mermaids. The Smithsonian Magazine used my findings to create their own article

In Fall 2017, Sky News (UK) interviewed me about my research on mythical creatures, and in May 2018 my article on early modern thinkers' investigations of merpeople was the cover story for History Today magazine.