Vaughn Scribner, Ph.D.    Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas  

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My research investigates early American history in a global context, specifically striving to understand how early modern Britons sought to define (and redefine) their positions in the empire. My book, Inn Civility: Urban Taverns and the Negotiation of Early American Civil Society (under contract with NYU Press), analyzes early Americans' mercurial attempts at realizing a "civil society" through the lens of the urban tavern. My publications range from an investigation of how colonists used mineral springs to transform the natural environment to an analysis of how eighteenth-century Europeans' investigations of merpeople reveal the science of wonder, and have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Early American Studies, the Journal of Social History, the Journal of Early American History, Atlantic Studies: Global Currents, Urban HistoryItinerarioAgricultural History, and the edited volumes, Order and Civility in the Early Modern Chesapeake and A Cultural History of Leisure in the Enlightenment.

twitter: @VScrib86